My Quantum Ideas

Exploring Ideas for Creating Possibilities


We create our experience and our experience creates us. We create with our experience.

Creating with our experience is how we survive, how we evolve, how we create the possibilities we imagine for our future, and how we contribute to creating the future of our world.

Life is a creative experience. We have the ability to contribute to creating our experience of life. We have the opportunity to contribute to creating the world we care to experience. We can improve our ability to create with our experience. Improving our ability lies in how we approach our experience of life.

Connections and relationships

Acceptance, appreciation, and caring excites exploration, aspiration, inspiration, creation, and contribution

Questions for Creative Exploration

How would we like to use this stage?
What ideas would you like to explore?
What ideas could contribute to creating a theatre for a new world?

Our community

Exploring our community

Who is in our community? What are their interests? Who is demonstrating they care about our community? What are they doing? Why are they doing what they are doing? How are they contributing? What are they contributing? What is working? What could work?

What we can do

We can collect, tell the stories, and connect all the enterprises that are contributing to interests we have in common and communicate the opportunities they are creating to invest in and increase their contribution to our common interests.
We can create a stage in our theatre of the new world where storytelling has meaning, form, and rules.

What could happen

We could excite creative exploration for creative connections, creative ideas and opportunities for creative enterprise in the observations, information, and stories contributed by our creative community which could improve our ability to be more successful in our own enterprise as individuals and communities of common enterprise, or as a community.