My interests

I am interested in exploring new ideas, new imaginings, new possibilities, and new ways I could see and think and feel about the world, and what I could do to improve my experience of the world, and contribute to our appreciation for the experience of life, and for our creative experiences, our creative expression, and our creative contributions to one another, and to creating our world and the future of our world. It is my thing.

My language, my ideas, and the opportunities I see have grown since I was invited to speak to a gathering of young artists, entrepreneurs, and social enterprise leaders at the Fusion Symposium in 2008 to talk about my ideas and what I was doing, … but my interests are the same.

I am delighted to be here with you, and to be here in my home town. How I got here is …

How I got here – Fusion Symposium, Hamilton, Ontario, 2008 – Film

My interests are to contribute what I have learned and my ideas about what we could do, and create a communication system for others to do the same, and to gather what we know and explore what we don’t know and excite our imagination and our ideas and our interest in exploring and creating possibilities for our future and the future of our world.

I don’t want to explain my ideas or argue about my ideas. I want to talk about my ideas with people who have similar ideas and interests and explore how we could increase our contribution and how we could excite contribution to creating possibilities for our future.

I am contributing my ideas to contribute to the ideas and interests and enterprise of other people in my community, to excite creative conversation in our communities of common human interest and common human enterprise, and to excite more interest, more imagination, and more contribution to our common human interests.

I am contributing my ideas to excite more creative exploration of where we are and what we know and what our common interests are and what interests we have in common, and excite creative contribution to our creative conversation and creative interests, and excite ideas for creative enterprise, and create opportunities for creative leadership and creative entrepreneurship and creative community enterprise in pursuit of creative possibilities that contribute to creating our future by creating a new world creating a future for our world.