Why I am Creating the Story

I know why I am doing what I am doing. I am reading everyday about the incredible feats and contributions being made by people and I am so impressed and appreciative.  I want to express my appreciation to everyone who contributes to my experience of life and to the world we live in and share. Quantum Ideas is where and how I can do that, – where I can draw attention to all the creative people and enterprises I see contributing to and caring about creating a future for our world, – a better future for the world than we are creating now.

Quantum Ideas is my appreciation for our creative community. Quantum Ideas is my idea about how we can create connections with one another, and for one another, and for our creative community. Quantum Ideas is my imagination of how we can create community around creating a new world for our future, to create a future for our world.

My interest is to draw our attention to the rock stars of the new world and excite interest in exploring their creativity, their creative enterprises, and their creative contributions.

My intention is to excite interest in exploring opportunities for people and enterprises to create a place for themselves, contribute to, and feel connected to our common interests, to our common enterprise, and to the stories we are creating for ourselves as individuals, as communities, and as a community.

Quantum Ideas is the story I am creating. Quantum Ideas is the story I am imagining we can create by exploring what we can do as a creative community, for our community, and for the future of our community.