The Power of Systems

I have been exploring the idea of power, and the nature of power, and the source of power, and our relationship with power, and our ability to exert power, which could be the most important idea for us to explore and understand if we want to create a better future for ourselves as individuals, as communities, and as a world. I understand the power of agency as the only power we have to exert as individuals or groups of individuals, enterprises, and communities, and as I watch and explore what is happening in our world and to our world, I can see the most countervailing and most important power for us to explore and understand is the power of systems.

We are all part of systems and our power of agency is constrained or enabled by the systems we are part of and create or allow, accept, and embrace.

Systems that work in our common human interests, that contribute to our common human interests, and that contribute to improving our experience of life and to increasing our possibilities of creating a better world for our future, – a world that works for everyone and for our community, – our natural environment and our common resources, – are the kind of systems we want to explore and design and create and improve and understand and agree upon.

And we are creating and have created and are going to be increasingly influenced in how we move forward with the algorithms of artificial intelligence which suffer from one serious flaw, – the absence of human judgment when decisions require the consideration of new circumstances, new context, new information, new knowledge, new understanding, and new appreciation of life, and of how our world works, and of how we work, and of what could work better.


Creating Our Systems
Exploring the Idea of Power