Making the Case

Ten years ago today I introduced the idea of creating Vancouver Community Forums as a community project, inviting the Downtown Vancouver Association, the Vancouver Foundation, Tourism Vancouver, the Vancouver Board of trade, and representatives from the arts, urban design, architecture, development and social services communities to the conversation. I introduced the idea as a leadership initiative of the Downtown Vancouver Association to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary if this historic contributor to the evolution of our community.

The idea of creating Vancouver Community Forums as a community enterprise was to bring together leading contributors to creating our city to excite creative exploration, creative leadership, community participation, and community contribution in exploring issues, ideas, and initiatives that could contribute to our common interests as a community.

I had no idea where I was going or what would happen but it was a beginning. 1996, ten years earlier was the beginning of the idea, – the beginning of the idea of using the world wide web to excite interest and create opportunities to explore, learn from, and create a future for the contributions of our indigenous cultures, – our native roots. It was the idea that led me to exploring the possibility of creating a community enterprise and a community media system to make creative community enterprise possible.

Over the past ten years since the launch of Vancouver Community Forums I have created and invested in events and opportunities I thought could become community projects. I have learned a lot but I have only succeeded in increasing my own investment in what may never became more than a personal project.

This has been a case study for me. I have been trying to make the case for an empirical inquiry and exploration of a creative hypothesis in a real-life context. After twenty years, and observing on where we are in our world, and some of the directions we appear to be going, I still think there is a case for exploring the idea of using our communication technology, and our knowledge and know-how, and our common human interests, to make creative community enterprise possible around creative interests, ideas, and opportunities which contribute to creating the possibilities we imagine for the future of our world, the future of our community, and the future of our natural, created, and creative resources.

This is a new beginning. This is the launch of another project. I am making the case for the idea of the creative hypothesis. At the heart of the creative hypothesis is my thinking that if we focus our attention and creative energy on ideas of possibilities we could create, we are more likely to create the possibilities we imagine.

I am exploring my experiences and what I have learned and the possibilities I see about what we can create, and the ideas I see about we can do, and the opportunities I see for creative community enterprise as a creative installation.


Exploring the quantum idea