I am Canadian

I feel fortunate to be Canadian. I am pleased to be part of our culture and to contribute to our culture. I like who we are, how we like to be, and how we feel about things. We appreciate Canada. We appreciate being Canadians. And we appreciate the quality of life we have and aspire to. And we want it for others.

I am a Canadian because I am attracted to, admire, and appreciate Canadian culture. I like to be part of the Canadian culture. Who we are. How we are. How we see ourselves. How we are known. Our culture. I like the idea of being Canadian. We are fortunate in how we evolved and how we are attracted by the same ideas and a culture of community.

What is it to be Canadian? What do we like about ourselves? What do others like about us? What does being Canadian feel like? What do I feel being Canadian is? What do I like about being Canadian? What is Canadian? What do I have in common with other Canadians? What interests do we have in common? What ideas do we have in common? How do we feel about things? How do we like to be? What do we like?

We are well-intentioned. We feel social responsibility. We do socially responsible things. We try to be nice and do the right thing. We are not perfect but we would like to be. If we had a brand we would support and improve it. We like our rankings, particularly our quality of life rankings. We know we have more potential to improve our rankings, – to set the pace.

We are nice people. We like to share. We like to share our opinions, our feelings, and our ideas. We offer our views thoughtfully, considerately, and politely, – mindful that we all have different ideas. We are respectful of the ideas of others. We are interested in and appreciative of the ideas of others. We try to contain our excitement about our ideas. We are averse to pushing our ideas on others. We don’t like to show off. We are pleased with our success. We like our culture. Perhaps the whole world would like to be Canadian. This is my idea of what it is like to be Canadian.

Why am I doing this? Because I have a responsibility. Because I can. Because I care. Because I am a Canadian. I am not a Canadian with pride. I am a Canadian with appreciation.

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