Does this Make Sense

On the first day of April, I often wonder whether I am a fool, – a person lacking in judgement or prudence, – a harmlessly deranged person with a marked propensity for something. It would explain a lot and is certainly consistent with observable behaviour. No sense wrestling with reality. Better, as Shakespeare might say, to play the fool and lean into the fool’s experience. It is a matter open for discussion and investigation, – for examination and debate, – for inquiry and exploration, – for question.

And that is where I have arrived as I prepare to raise the curtain and step onto the stage. I have no answers to the questions we are wrestling with in this extremely complex and rapidly changing world we are experiencing. Only questions and a few ideas from my experience, – which I think makes me fairly normal, – or at least puts me in company with other fools.

I have often referred to my journey of exploration as my folly, – a foolish act or idea, – a lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight as Merriam Webster might describe it. But since I am in no position to make sense of the world any more than anyone else, – and likely a lot less than many others, – the most that I can do is to simply ask the questions about what I, and we, are seeing and experiencing in our world, and what is happening as we evolve, and what can we do which could be common sense, – and make good sense. Does this make sense?