Creating the Future for Canada

How do we create communities without borders? How do we move from us and them to we? We have compelling reasons. We have creative reasons. We have caring reasons. How do we create the experience of community? How do we create community around our common human interests? How do we evolve as a community? How do we evolve from me to we, – to the experience, understanding, and appreciation of our connectedness, – of our common nature, our common interests, our common experience of life?

What can we do? What ideas do we have for creating possibilities? What possibilities do we imagine we could create? What creative interests could we focus our creative energy, our creative resources, and our creative communities on? What creative interests and creative possibilities do we pursue in our overarching common human interest of creating communities without borders?

What 150 ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise will contribute most significantly to our creative community interests? What are the 15 creative interests we can create community around, to explore for ideas and opportunities, and measure the contributions of our creative community enterprise and our creative and cultural evolution as a community?

What creative leadership can we contribute? What creative leadership can we excite? What creative leaders could excite a creative conversation about what Canada, creative Canada, can do to contribute to creating communities without borders? What Canadians have we honoured as creative leaders and creative contributors to the idea of Canada, as a country, a culture, and a community creating communities without borders?


Creative Canada