Creating an Environment of Caring

I am writing my journal for myself. This is my conversation with myself about where I am and what I am doing and what I have done and what I am learning and where I find the courage and the confidence to create the stage and excite interest and creative conversation around the idea of creating theatre for a new world to create a world which contributes to our common human interests, – creating a world that works for everyone.

I am exploring how we can create a stage and what we can do to explore and create stories, and how creating stories that contribute to our common interests could contribute to creating community, and why we might care to explore the idea of creating theatre of a new world. And just as I turn to the arts community and the creative expression of our artists for creative ideas and creative inspiration for my exploration of what we can do and how we can do things, for the creative story, for the script, and the staging, and the possibilities of exciting our creative community in imagining and exploring how we create community, how we create an environment of caring to explore how we create a future for our world as a community, and how we draw our attention to the opportunity we have and our ability to use our technology revolution and our world without borders created by our communication systems, and our creative communities to elevate the conversation and make a quantum leap in our creative and cultural evolution as a community. I need to keep the idea that this could actually happen at bay.

How do we create a stage to create theatre to create an environment of appreciation and caring for our world, for one another, for our community, and for our relationships with our world and for the world we are creating. How do we create an environment of caring to create community around creating a future for our natural environment, our natural resources, our creative resources, and our cultural resources?

This is a process and I am feeling and working my way through the process of how we create our stage with our arts community exploring the creative experience and the art of creative entrepreneurship, creative leadership, and creative contribution in increasing our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world, in contributing to how we see, think, and feel about our experience of life, and in imagining creative possibilities for our future.

I am reminded of Live Aid, a global concert to raise funds for people suffering from the Ethiopian famine, one of the world’s largest-scale satellite linkups and television broadcasts of all time with an estimated audience of 1.9 billion across 150 nations, – nearly 40% of the world’s population according to Wikipedia.

Creating an environment for exploring our environment and caring for our environment contributes to our possibilities and our ability to create a new world that works for and contributes to everyone’s ability to create a better future for themselves can move us to thinking about an ongoing performance with contributions from our arts community to draw community contribution to “Creating an environment for our future” – to creating the experience, and to exciting our creative community in exploring how we create theatre for a new world to create theatre of a new world that contributes to our creative interests as a community.

What communities of common interest and common enterprise could benefit from creating community and being part of the experience of creating an environment of caring about the future of our environment, – the future of our experience of the world we are contributing to creating? We need to elevate the conversation to creative community enterprise around our overarching common human interests with our creative resources, our creative abilities, and our creative ideas. We can begin by creating an environment for creative exploration of opportunities to create connections and create a stage in creative British Columbia for creative contribution and creative conversation around our most valuable and most essential resource, – our natural environment.

We need to explore how we excite creative community enterprise with the creative resources and creative imperative of creating the future for and with our cities, our creative centres. We need to elevate the conversation to explore and create a communication system and a way of doing things which respects our borders as sovereign estates established by governments entrusted with creating and defending borders and with our different circumstances and the different constraints of our reality, and which gives us the ability to create communities without borders around our creative interests and common enterprise in determining what we can do to move from where we are now in our creative journey to creating a new world for our future to create a better future for our world.


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