Creating an environment of caring revisited

I am once again revisiting the idea of creating an environment of caring and of creating community around the interest in caring about our future as a reason for creating community. Caring is what drives our enterprise. Caring is what motivates us to act, to do something, to pursue something that contributes to what we care about. Why do we care? Why would anyone else care about what we care about? Why would anyone else care about our enterprise and care to contribute to our enterprise?

If Canada does not care about our natural, our cultural, and our creative resources, who does? Who could care and why would they care about what we want to do? Why do we care? Why would we care what we do and what we can do to contribute to what we care about? Caring about our world is how we create communities without borders. Caring about our world is why we would want to create communities without borders. I watch two small beautiful birds peck away at some stale bread crumbs in a dish in front of me under the bower of a flowering shrub in the heat of the morning sun and wonder why we wouldn’t all care about doing what we can to create a future for the beautiful world we live in. Are there a thousand organizations, a thousand enterprises, who want to build this communication system, this community media system, this community network? Who could care to own and benefit from and contribute to creating this resource, this ability to create a better future for ourselves and our world? Who could care to invest in creating this resource as a community?

What do you care about? Why do you care? How do you care? Why would you care to tell your story? Who would you like to tell your story to? How could your story, your point of view from your knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world, your idea, your enterprise, your contribution, and the opportunities you are creating for contribution connect with, or could connect, with some other interest or some other creative enterprise contributing to what you care about?

I have a lot of projects I want to invest in. I am investing my resources in appreciation for the contributions of the creative community and to increase their contribution to creating a better future for our world. Telling the stories of creative contributors to those who care is the investment I am making at the margin I am making to increase their contribution to our ability to create a better world, to accelerate our creative and cultural evolution as a community, to create community and excite creative community enterprise around our common human interests and our creative interests and to attract the investment of more resources and more caring contribution to enterprises creating community, and increase the size and contribution of our creative community enterprises, and increase our ability to create a future for our children.

If the creative community, the community that cares cannot do this, who can? What can we do together as a community? Can we create a community that cares? Can we create an environment of caring for our community and for our world?

Why do I think this is possible? Because we have the capacity to experience joy and we have the ability to create joy.