Arunachal Pradesh Experience

2014.01.30 My journey to Arunachal Pradesh is a continuation of my creative journey exploring our possibilities of creating community and creating a future for our community and for our world. This is my journal from my journey to Arunachal Pradesh and my observations on where I am in my creative journey. I am traveling with Stephen Inglis, who has worked with the Cree nation to develop and create the Cree Cultural Institute in northern Quebec, who has worked with many of the creative indigenous communities of Canada as head of the research and curatorial functions at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, who earned his Masters degree in Indian cultural expression at the University of Calcutta, and his Phd at UBC, and Bill Semple, an architect who has been working with northern communities and indigenous people building housing and creating community infrastructure all his life, who has a Masters degree in Tibetan Architecture, and who has spent a lot of time in Tibet and Nepal and Bhutan as well as northern Canada. They are both appreciative of Buddhist and indigenous cultures. Our journey was made possible by the Centre for Cultural Research and Documentation in Itanagar who arranged our tour and … Continue reading Arunachal Pradesh Experience