A Real Time Marketplace

I feel like I’m in a Wes Anderson movie where everything seems a little surreal and irrational and difficult to relate to any reasonable expectation of where the story is going so it makes sense for me to just lean into the experience and abandon the idea of reasoning my way through life.

To be able to enjoy the experience of creating the story I am imagining we can create,  I have to pivot, – to innovate, – to take a quantum leap, – and let the story, and my story, create itself as it will. I am interested to see what happens but I am not holding my breath.

I am imagining how we can create a real time marketplace which responds to the changing circumstances, understanding, interests, opportunities, and needs of the markets of common interest and common enterprise we serve, – the caring community, – the creative community, – the community we want to create, – or at least the community I want to contribute to creating.

A real time marketplace in a theatre of a new world where we all have the opportunity to explore for information, ideas, observations, and stories which could contribute to our common human interests as individuals, as communities with different and unique experiences, cultures, interests, knowledge, abilities, and contributions, and as a community.

A community marketplace where we all have the opportunity to tell our stories and create a place for ourselves, and play a part, and make a contribution to creating our community around creating a better future for ourselves and our world. A new world marketplace.


Real Time Marketplace