A New Beginning

This story began twenty five years ago when Jack Weatherford and his books set me off on a creative journey and a learning experience in pursuit of an idea and an enterprise which became a much bigger story than the one I had imagined when this began. The creative journey I set out on began with an interest in increasing the contributions of native cultures to our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the world and evolved to become the pursuit and exploration of what we can do and how we can do things as communities of common interest and common enterprise to improve our ability as communities and as a community to create a better future for our world. I set out pursuing a new story for my life.

As I embark on a new beginning, I am telling the story of my journey over the last twenty five years in appreciation for Jack Weatherford’s contributions to the world, for his contributions to changing the way I see, think, and feel about my experience of the world, and for setting me off on this wonderful creative enterprise and creative experience. Thank you, Jack. You are the best.

And as the story so far is dedicated to Jack Weatherford in appreciation, the story going forward is dedicated to all the people along the way who contributed to my experience, to my learning, and to my story and the story I am imagining we can create.

We all have the opportunity and the power to create new beginnings. We all have the power to learn, the power of imagination, the power of intention, the power of agency, and the power to create and contribute to creating possibilities.

We, as a community who cares about our world and the future of our our world, have the power to create new beginnings if we care to improve our ability to create possibilities for ourselves, for one another, for our communities, and for the community we are part of, benefit from, and contribute to creating.

I am beginning by creating connections. I am creating connections to tell my story, what I am doing, and what I think we can do to create a better future for ourselves and for our world.

I am creating connections in our online world to give everyone interested the opportunity to explore for ideas about how things are, how things work, what works, what is working, what could work, and what we can do to create a new world, and explore for opportunities to create a place for themselves and play a part in contributing to creating a better future for our world in our real world.

There is no fixed frequency or order to the connections I am creating although they are intended to create some structure to focus our thinking and improve our ability to explore for information, observations, ideas, stories, and opportunities that contribute to our common human interests as individuals, as enterprises, as communities, and as a community.


The Story Begins