My New Business

I have reached the conclusion that I am not going to be able to retire and leave the idea of creating a community media system behind me. There is no point of arrival for me. Nobody is going to step up to take my place and I am not likely to be able to cash in my chips and walk away.

I have created a stage for creative conversation, for community journalism, for creating connections, for creating deliberative democracy, for creating a new economy, for creating self-sustaining and sustainable enterprise, for creating community around creative interests and creative enterprise, for creating opportunities to explore, contribute, and create, for increasing the size and contributions of our creative communities, and for accelerating our creative and cultural evolution as a world to create a better future for our world and for ourselves.

Now I have to perform. Now I have to move my ideas into action. Now I have to demonstrate what we can do in our theatre of a new world. Now I have to lead the conversation. Now I have to take responsibility for my actions, – for moving my ideas into behaviour, – for moving from caring about what happens to contributing to what happens and to what could happen.

It is time to move from creating my story to creating the story of how we can create communities without borders, how we can create an environment of caring for our future, and how we can excite creative community enterprise around our common interests and common enterprise as creative communities.