We Have The Opportunity

We are a microcosm of the world. We have the ability to demonstrate how we can create a better world by learning about our different cultures, learning from our different cultures, and contributing to our different cultures in our country and in our communities around the world. We can learn from our different ways of seeing things, thinking about things, and doing things. We can learn how to communicate with our cultures, how to contribute to our cultures, and how to explore our common experiences, interests, and ideas, and create together in the creative age.

We are in a unique position at an important time in the history of Canada and of the world.

We have the opportunity and ability to put Canada’s creative resources and creative contributions on the world’s stage.

We have the opportunity to become known as creative Canada and to demonstrate how we can connect and communicate with one another to imagine, create, and learn the arts of creating a better world.

We have the opportunity and the ability to explore, learn, and connect our country in the arts of creating and accelerate the cultural, community, and human development of our world.

Our government has the opportunity to excite creative ideas, initiatives, and enterprise and create an environment and a way of doing things that contributes to the culture of Canada, – as we are, – as we are known, – and as we would like to be known, – and improve our ability to contribute to our world and our heritage as Creative Canada.

From a conversation with James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages

Vancouver Arts Gallery, March 6, 2009