The conversation

This is the conversation I am creating. This conversation comes from conversations I have had with others, from conversations I have created with others, and from conversations I created with myself. This is my contribution to the conversation.

We are at a turning point in our evolution. We are at a turning point in the history of our world, in our history as human beings, and in the histories of our lives. I am creating this conversation to contribute to creating conversations we could be having and need to have to contribute to creating our possibilities for the future.

We each see life through our individual points of view. This is my point of view. This is the creative hypothesis I am pursuing. This is my contribution to creating the hypothesis and my contribution to the conversation.

The conversation is about creating community around our common interests, our common enterprise, and our ideas. This is a conversation about where we have come from, where we are now, where we could go, and what we could do to create possibilities.

Ideas we have in common are interests we have in common. Interests we have in common create a community of interest and could create community enterprise. Ideas contribute to creating enterprise. Creative community enterprise creates community.

I am going to take a pointillist approach to contributing my point of view, – my observations and the ideas and opportunities I see. I will organize and connect as I go. This will give people and enterprises who have ideas in common the opportunity and ability to explore for connections between ideas and opportunities with their interests and their enterprises.

I realize I have no choice but to demonstrate what we could do and how we could do things and how we could contribute to our individual interests and common interests more successfully. This is my creative contribution, – my ideas on what we could do, – and what I am doing. I am contributing my ideas and the opportunities I see for enterprises to increase their contribution and become more successful in pursuing their interests and increasing their contribution to our common interests and exciting interest, ideas, and opportunities for others to do the same by creating a communication system and a process to make this possible

ideas and stories organized around common interests and communities of interest created by opportunities for creative community enterprise.

I could begin the conversation and the story of the opportunity anywhere but I think the best place start is where we are now and where I am now. We are at a turning point in our story.

Contributing to expanding on ideas, increasing contribution at the margin, contributing my point of view and ideas on how we can be more successful and opportunities I see for enterprises that are contributing or could contribute to common social interests could pursue to increase their contributions and become more successful