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What to live for – Appreciation
How to live – Do no harm. Make a contribution. Excite contribution.
What works – What works, works for everyone
What we could do – Create a world that works for everyone.
How we could do this – Create with our experience

Social Responsibility is doing no harm and operating beyond integrity.
Social contribution is contributing to creating possibilities for the future well-being of our community and our world.
Theft is taking something dishonestly or unfairly.
Freedom is knowing we have the ability to choose
Freedom of choice is democracy.
Integrity creates trust.
Contribution creates relationships.
Creativity creates possibilities.
Acceptance creates peace.
Appreciation creates joy.

Democracy is having the freedom and ability to communicate our interests, express our point of view, contribute our knowledge and our ideas to our community, and make knowledgeable choices about what and who represents and contributes to our individual and community interests.

Increasing our choices is a creative pursuit which contributes to our ability to improve our experience of life, to become who we are and who we like to be, and to contribute to improving the experience of life for others.