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This is a monologue. This is a creative installation of digital media. This installation is a creative hypothesis. A scientific hypothesis is an idea about how things are that we set out to demonstrate. A creative hypothesis is an idea about how things could be that we set out to create. This is a creative idea. This is a gallery of ideas. This is a creative story. I am creating like a pointillist connecting the dots I see to and as I see things to create the story I am imagining.

Creating the story
A creative story is a creative manifesto, – creating context and connections and community and exciting creative contribution and creative enterprise in creating the story. Caring about the story and about creating the story is demonstrated by contribution, – contribution to the creative story is a demonstration of community interest in creating the story

Everyone has a stage in the theatre of the new world created by the internet. We can create theatre for a new world to create theatre of a new world as a stage for everyone who is a creative community contributor to imagine and create a new world and a new way of seeing, thinking, and doing things and to create connections to the part they are playing and the contribution they are making.

Each centre of creative interest and creative enterprise and creative community can excite creative connections for other centres of creative community enterprise.


Creating with intent, – creating with a focus – the creative hypothesis
Creative conversation is conversation with intent. Creative exploration
Community media is media with intent, Critical exploration
Creative enterprise is enterprise with intent. Contribution exploration

Is this common sense? Is this good sense? Does this make sense? Why care?

Creative exploration

Exploring the players, parts, ideas, contributions, points of view, enterprises, stories, experiences, and opportunities in the installation in the context of questions, – for creative conversation, – for creative connections, creative ideas, creative opportunities, and creative community relationships

Does it make sense to focus on exploring for the best obtainable version of the truth? A creative exploration of our experience on what we know, what we think, how we feel, how things are? How we are? What works?

What is the truth about where we are now and how we got here and what is happening?

The science of probabilities for ideas about how things are and what works and what could work in our interests as individuals, as communities and as a community, as a creative community?

What do we want to make our decisions on? What do we want to put our trust in? What do we want to trust? Who do we trust? Why trust? Why create trust?

What do we care about? For the community that cares and is contributing to our community interests, – what are our interests? What interests do we have in common? What ideas do we have in common?

What conversations make sense? What conversations matter?

If we contribute, what can we do to increase our contribution and our contributions as a community?

In a world where trust is more important than the truth, what role does truth and the pursuit of truth play in creating trust, in creating possibilities, in creating a future?

If we care to contribute, what can we do? What would we care to do?

If theft is taking something dishonestly or unfairly, do we care?

What media contribute and could contribute to creating our truth and our creative interests, – the creative ideas about how things can be and what we can create that we are pursuing?

Recognizing the web of causality, what can we do to organize complexity to improve our ability to see and explore and consider and create?

What creative possibilities do we want to organize our media around?

Creative exploration

As an individual
How to read media and why
Brand command as media literacy
How does the story, the information, the observation, the idea, the experience, contribute to our creative interests and our creative experience as a creative contributor? What connections does the story contribute to creating? What connections does the story excite?
What is told by the story? How is the story told?

As a community
How does the story, the information, the observation, the idea, the experience, contribute to our creative interests and our creative experience as a community of creative contributors?
How does this work for our future?
How do we increase the contribution?

Q and A
What I am doing as a writer

The Monologue

This is my story. This is my immersive, interactive experience with life. My story creates the context for my imagination.

I am telling my story. This is who I am, and how I got here, and what I am doing, and what I am imagining. This is the best of what I experienced in my life. My story is how I am entering the stage. I am creating my story as I tell my story. I am creating my story as I learn how to create my story. I am learning how to create my story as I create the story I am imagining we can create.

This part of the creative installation is about me. This is my story. Our stories create context for our point of view.

The Theatre

This is the big idea I am imagining we can create. This is the story I am creating. This is a creative exploration for creative connections. The story could begin wherever the listener finds a connection with an interest, or an interest in connections, when they hear the story with their voice.

I am creating this story from my point of view, – with my point of view, and with my stories, my experiences, my ideas and my interests — As my interactive immersive experience with life presents new connections, ideas, opportunities, and interests I will present themselves.

I am creating the story by creating connections with the media I am creating in telling my story and with the media I experience in my world, – the only world I know. This is how I am approaching the story I am imagining we can create. Life is an immersive interactive experience of the real world, – experiences we can imagine and create in our virtual world. Life is a creative experience. Creating our story is a creative experience.

If anyone wants to create a place for themselves in the story and contribute their story and their ideas we can talk

If anyone wants to create a part for themselves in contributing to creating the story we can talk.

Ideas that contribute to our knowledge, our understanding, our thinking, our ideas, or our imagination

The story can begin anywhere.

This part of the creative installation is about we.

My imagination

Each centre of creative interest, and creative enterprise, and creative community excites creative connections for other centres of creative community enterprise

The Call to Action

I am inviting you into the theatre, to explore for connections which could contribute to your ideas and interests, and to explore for interests and ideas which contribute to creating connections

These are observations, ideas, information, stories, ideas, and opportunities that contribute to creating my point of view, and my interests, and my experience of life, and my connectedness with my experience, and my appreciation for the creative experience. They are in the form of digital media so they are easy to connect, to create connections and excite creative conversation around, and to explore for ideas and opportunities to experience, to learn, to create, to contribute, and to excite creative contribution, creative entrepreneurship, and creative leadership.

The monologue

My enterprise

Who is the community?
The community interests which are my interests

What I am imagining
Ideas about what I imagine could be

What I am doing

I am demonstrating the hypothesis

I am creating connections with digital media, as a learning experience, as a creative experience, as a creative enterprise, and as a creative contribution to our theatre of the new world to create theatre of a new world to create a new world for our future.

I am connecting community around some ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise. I am creating community around some ideas and opportunities which contribute to our community interests and interests we have in common as a community

I am exploring the creative experience and the creative experience of life

What I think we can do

Why I am doing

I think it is a good idea. I can not know something I know. I know this is possible. I have a responsibility. I care. I have no choice.

I am a Canadian

To increase the contribution of our creative communities

Creating the story

How I am doing

I am defining my ideas, – my language, – to communicate what I mean. These are not facts. This is my point of view on what ideas and language can work to improve our ability to create connections, conversations, and creative ideas and enterprise around creative interests we have in common.

From me to we

Everything tells a story or has a story which creates context and connection and contribution as I see things from my point of view. Everything contributes to my point of view. Everything creates my point of view. I am contributing my point of view and my imagination and my ideas to our point of view, our collective point of view, our common point of view about how things are and how things could be and what works and how things work and what could work, to our different points of view, and to our ability to experience and excite new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new interests, new innovation, and new enterprise to creating new possibilities for our world, – to create a new world for our future to create a future for our world.

The story so far

I am creating each page as an episode with all the information needed to understand the monologue, which repeats and connects ideas and themes from other stories

From ideas to action
The monologue – Franny and Zooey
Creative hypothesis
Creative installation
The journal is the spine
Connect Installation to Monologue et al

About me

Theatre and Me
what I am doing
what I think – how I see things

A beginning

2016.11.08 Making the Case

My journal
I write my journal on days when I feel I have something on my mind. My entries are normally one page long which I find is usually enough to satisfy my need to observe on what I am thinking, feeling, or experiencing and force me to some conclusion.

My journals are what they are, – my life as my experience appeared to me and my life as I responded to my experience, – as my life became apparent to me, – and to appear as a new experience, and a new way of thinking, and a new way of seeing where I was, and how I felt, and what I could and wanted to do next.

My journal tells my story far better than my memory of my stories, my experiences, my creative exploration, and the creative evolution of my creative enterprise

My journal

I am beginning to see my journal as the bridge between my imagination of the digital world we can create, – where we can all connect and explore possibilities with one another, – and my real world experience. This is, at the moment, only my theatre of a new world. And even though I imagine how I can invite others to play a part in creating the stories I am imagining, this is still a monologue, – a one man show. And perhaps that will be all it will ever be.

I am no more able to see where this story is going than I am able to see where my story is going. But I am looking now at how I set the stage, – and even though I am anxious to see how the story plays itself out, I can only play my part as my imagination, my ideas, and my intuition about my next initiative present themselves as I create with my experience.

And I can only play my part by trusting my imagination, my ideas, my intuition, and my ability to create with my experience. The unskilled laughter coming from the fifth row is none of my business. The wall I create between my experience and my imagination of the experience and the story I am creating.

Canadian Learning Centre
My enterprise

I wake after twelve hours sleep, late for my appointment for my haircut. I feel rested and clear headed and apprehensive about my ability and my interest in creating the story of what we can do, and how we could make a quantum leap in our creative and cultural evolution. I am aware this will require a quantum leap in my creative evolution, – a change in the way I see and think and feel and do things.

As Zooey says to Franny – “…you raved and you bitched when you came home about the stupidity of audiences. The goddamn ‘unskilled laughter’ coming from the fifth row. And that’s right, that’s right, – God knows it’s depressing. I’m not saying it isn’t. But that’s none of your business really. That’s none of your business, Franny. An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s. You have no right to think about those things, I swear to you. Not in any real sense.”

I have no choice. And as if to demonstrate this to myself I get up and register to become a doorway to explore opportunities to learn in Canada, about Canada, and from Canada about creating communities without borders, and opportunities for Canada to create learning centres for intercultural exchange and contribution, and create opportunities for Canadians to learn.

Creating the Story

Creating our experience

My life is not to live someone else’s life. My life is to live who I am and who I like to be and my business is to shoot for some kind of perfection and feel the connection to my experience through the walls I create from my own fears and desires created by my experience of life and my imagination.

The creative installation

The creative installation is called exploring ideas for creating possibilities.

My ideas

2017 Ideas

These are the ideas that create my world, the world I know, how I see, think, and feel about the world and my experience of the world from my point of view. These are the ideas that create the context for my interests, my imagination, and my enterprise, for how I live my life, and for how I explore, consider, and create with my experience

Ideas I am exploring
Ideas about how things are
Ideas about how things work
Ideas about what works
Ideas about what works in our interests
Ideas about what we can do
Ideas about opportunities to create
Ideas about opportunities to contribute
Ideas about possibilities we can create
Ideas about creating possibilities

Ideas I am exploring for
Ideas that increase the contribution of our contributors to our common human interests Ideas that increase the creative contribution of our resources
Ideas that increase the size and contribution of our communities of creative enterprise


I should be happy now. I am designing a creative installation to excite creative Canada in creating communities without borders around opportunities for creative community enterprise that contribute to our common human interests and to demonstrate creative leadership and how we can create communities of common enterprise in our real world by imagining and exploring ideas for creating possibilities in our theatre of the new world, – creating theatre of a new world, creating theatre for a new world, and imagining and creating a new world in the virtual reality of our digital world. Our theatre of the new world is our world of digital media.

Theatre of a new world is exploring how we can create possibilities in our digital world which could contribute to creating new ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, and creating with our experience of life in our real world.

In our theatre of the new world, if we don’t tell our story someone else will. How do we want to be known? We are known by what we say and do and how we say and do things. How do we want to be known in our theatre of the new world and in our real world? Doing no harm, making a contribution, exciting contribution?

Nov 8 2016
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Quantum ideas

We can not own ideas. The community media system is an idea. Creative community enterprise is an idea. The creative installation is an idea. Creating reality theatre in our theatre of the new world is an idea. I don’t own the idea of quantum ideas. I own my point of view and owns the domain names. My imagination is that will be a common resource held in trust for the creative community exploring ideas for creating possibilities for our future

Exploring the Big Idea

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In the studio means it is either getting ready to enter the stage, – or it is becoming something elase.

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What fashion trends do we want to create?

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