The Art of Possibilities

exploring how things could be

The art of possibilities is the art of exploring how things could be, how things could be about how things are, how things could be about what we could create, and how things could be contributors to creating how we imagine things could be.

Our possibilities of finding community, or agreement, on our ideas is improved by our ability to observe on what we can see to explore what is happening and what happens when we create with our experience and our ideas about what could be. The science of probabilities.

Exploring the web of possible causality for how things could be and the web of possible contribution for how things could be and the web of creative ideas and opportunities for creating how things could, our creative resources, is the art of possibilities. Fortunately, we have a world wide web of information, ideas, and interest to explore.

The art of creating possibilities is the art of creating community and the art of creative community enterprise. The art of creating community is the art of creating connections.

Creating connections creates possibilities

  • Our story introduces us to our community
  • Our story creates connections
  • We create connections around common interests, ideas, and experiences
  • Conversation creates ideas
  • Ideas create opportunities
  • Contribution creates relationships
  • Relationships create cooperative enterprise
  • Cooperative enterprise creates community
  • Creating community creates possibilities
  • The art of creating community is the art of creating possibilities
  • The art of creating community is the art of creating connections

Ideas for exploring


Intermediatheque is a public facility operated by the Japan Post Co. Ltd. and the University Museum, the University of Toronto has opened within the Japan Post Tower in the Marunouchi district. In the former Tokyo Central Post Office, a five-storied historical building representative of Showa modernism architecture, the second and third floors were renovated as a museum space to give birth to the Intermediatheque. As indicated by its name, this is a facility dedicated to interdisciplinary experimentation venturing into cultural creation of a new kind based on the fusion of every means of expression. The platform of such an activity is the permanent exhibition of the scientific and cultural heritage accumulated by the University of Tokyo since its foundation in 1877. The design policy conducting the revival of this historical heritage within the contemporary urban cityscape is one of the highlights of the exhibition. Special exhibitions and events will also present the fruits of scientific research and artistic expression in harmony with the permanent collection.  The Intermediatheque’s unique activities also include an original comprehensive education program, as  well as a boutique presenting original goods emanating from the museum’s activities.