The Story So Far

This is where this creative journey began. This is how the creative story has evolved. This is my creative story so far. This could be our creative story.

Exploring our Creative Journey – Our Turning Points – Our Creative Choices – Our Creative Contributions
Native Roots – New Year in New Mexico
Go Direct Media
Operating beyond integrity – November 2002
July 2002 – Canadian Business for Social Responsibility
Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum
November 2006 – Vancouver Community Forums
January 2007 – Goin Home
May 2007 – Foster Children
May 2007 – Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network
June 2007 – Arts Experience Project
July 2007 – Mongolia
Mongolian Native Roots
may 2008 – Business Improvement Associations of British Columbia
Heritage Vancouver
Creative Vancouver
Creative Canada
Exploring the creative experience