Who We Are

We do what we do because we care

People who are contributing, people interested in contributing, and people interested in increasing our contribution and improving our ability to contribute to our community interests and to our common interests as a community.

We are the communities with an interest in common, – creating possibilities for our future by creating connections, relationships, and creative community enterprise around ideas that contribute to our common human interests. We have an interest in creating our communities of common interest and common enterprise.

We are the communities contributing to our understanding and appreciation of our experience of life and to creating community, – and the communities who have yet to see opportunities to pursue our creative interests and possibilities and our ability to contribute.

We are the community with common human interests, – humanity. We are humanity. We have an interest in our humanity. We have our humanity in common and our human nature.

We are the community of common enterprise who are contributing to creating a better world for one another, for our future, and for the future of humanity, – and who are interested in contributing to creating a new world.

We are the community interested in becoming more informed, more connected, more able, more resourceful, and more enterprising.

We are the community interested in creating connections and increasing the size and contribution of our communities of common enteprise that contribute to our common human interests.

We are the people who are interested in creating community media to increase our ability to learn, to contribute, and to make creative community enterprise possible.

We are we.

Creating possibilities