SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Simon Fraser University Woodward’s Cultural Development Program is a new enterprise. We were involved in programming the launch of the seven performance and exhibition spaces in the SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts and we have a commitment to two things.

We are committed to reflecting the aesthetic, the interests, and the contribution of the Contemporary Arts Program in Simon Fraser University in our programming. And we are committed to the Downtown Eastside community, hiring locally, creating an open door policy when we can to give people in the community opportunities to be exposed to the arts, and providing a ticket program to arts groups in the Downtown Eastside.

We are interested in doing cutting edge, innovative, multi-disciplinary work with creative partners like the Push Festival and where possible we will bring leading artists into the classroom to expose our students to the most contemporary creative expression

As we get our infrastructure in place we continue to work on who we are distinctively, – going through the exploration of who we are serving, who we are working with, and what we are creating. We are being very careful in defining who and what we want to become, and how we complement what others are doing.

In the meantime, we are creating programs and we are looking for creative partners to explore opportunities for creative relationships.

Director, Cultural Programming
SFU School for the Contemporary Arts
Source: Act of Curation

Michael Boucher is a seasoned director and programmer who has produced several international festivals including the World Stage Festival and International Children’s Festival in Toronto. A native of Montreal, he will serve as the university’s impresario, coordinating cultural events to ensure SFU at Woodward’s is a dynamic player in Vancouver’s arts scene. Michael oversaw the production of our inaugural program with Robert Lepage’s The Blue Dragon/Le Dragon Bleu in February 2010 in the new SFU Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre.

Source: SFU News Archive

Creative Partners
Vancouver Moving Theatre – Bah! Humbug