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Creative community contributors are the media. We create, communicate, and connect contributions and opportunities to communities of interest by word of mouth. We can contribute and communicate as a community around common interests, communities of interest, and creative community enterprises.

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Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics
Exploring ethics in our human endeavour
Propelling Social Ventures Conference 2013
Increasing the contribution of social ventures
ISIS Research Centre – UBC Sauder School of Business
Advancing Social Innovation and Sustainablity
Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub
Propelling Social Entrepreneurship in British Columbia
TED Talks
Ideas worth spreading

Be the Change Earth Alliance
Be the Change Earth Alliance is a Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005 focused developing a citizen engagement program to support environmental, social, and personal behaviour changes in community, the workplace, and in schools to empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities.

Creating a global medical imaging network – Chris Hancock from Be the Change – OneStory video
December 2, 2013

One Story


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Venture for America

Creative partners

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Creative community contributors
Foundations and government enterprises investing in creating community and contributing to our creative and cultural evolution as a community

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D-Link – building networks for people

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Canadian Conference of the Arts