The only thing we can be truly certain is the existence of our own subjective experience, and we see the physical world only through this dark glass. Yet the scientific method has proved a remarkable tool for clarifying our view and enabling us to develop an elaborate, apparently objective consensus about how the world works. Unfortunately, having provided us with an escape route from our own subjectivity, science leaves us completely impotent to probe the nature and origins of subjective experience itself. The truth is we have no idea what things have consciousness, where it comes from, or even what it is. All we really know is how it feels.

Timo Hannay, Managing Director, Digital Science
from What should we be worried about
edited by John Brockman,

What is reality. The physical reality of the world out there and the experienced reality that appears in consciousness. We use reality in both these ways. We are living in a virtual reality created by the brain. The brain is a reality generator generating representations of the world “out there”. Our knowing takes place with our consciousness.

Is there anything we can say about the world”out there”? There is information

There is only consciousness – Peter Russell

We improve our ability to create connections for ourselves, and create connections with others, and create connections for others which contribute to our creative experience of life by increasing our consciousness of our experience, our consciousness of how we feel about our experience, our consciousness of our presence in our experience, and our consciousness of our choices to create our experience. Being conscious of where we are, and who we are, and what we are doing, and what we want to do, and what we can do improves our ability to create with our experience.

When we are conscious of our experience, we are connected to our experience, and our experience creates itself. We improve our ability to create with our experience of we know the experience we would like to create.

What we can do is inventory, organize, and connect our information to communities where it could make the greatest contribution to our exploration of our consciousness of our world. Increasing our consciousness of our world as we see it, and our consciousness of our feelings about the experience, and our conscientious of our own creative interests, who we are and what we care about and what we want to create, we can improve our ability to create connections and create possibilities with our experience.

I had the opportunity to meet Peter Russell a number of years ago when he was in Vancouver for a book launch and was invited to a small gathering to have a conversation with him. During the conversation someone asked him how we know if we are increasing our consciousness or not. He paused and thought about it for a moment and then he said “I suppose it has something to do with the amount of serendipity you experience.