Art of possibilities

Our story

What is our story? What are we doing? Why are we doing what we are doing? What are we contributing? Why would anyone care? Why would anyone want to create a connection with us? What opportunities are we creating for the communities of common interest we are contributing to? What opportunities are we creating for the communities of common enterprise we are part of?

Observed behaviour

In knowledge-based marketing, observed behaviour determines where and how we choose to invest our dollars.

Creating community

If we know we might not care, but we can’t care if we don’t know.

Opportunities for investment

The greatest return on investment is most often found at the margin.

Exploring the business case

More is not always better. There can be a point where extra resources assumed as the greatest advantage serve instead to make things worse. Malcolm Gladwell observes on how we make decisions based on assumptions rather than on observed evidence.

Life is a creative experience

We create our experience and our experience creates us. We create with our experience. We create our story with our choices. We create possibilities with our choices.

Learning is a creative experience. new information. New insights. New ideas. New imagination. New inspiration. New opportunities to explore. New creative possibilities.

Communicating with intention is a learning process. We have to think. We have to feel. We have to care. We have to express ourselves creatively to contribute to our intention.

Creating with our experience

The experience of creating with our experience is information, insight, interest, imagination, investment in enterprise. Information in the form of communication media. Information which creates connections with our experience and our ideas and interests created by our learning experience.

Experiencing community

Where we find we have community on common interests, common ideas, and common experiences. Our learning experiences, how we feel, how we see and think about things, and how and why we have acquired our interests and our ideas.


Games of harm, games of sport, and creative games exercise our interest in superiority and excellence and success, – our evolutionary interests. Games of harm militate against our interest and ability to create community, our ability to evolve, and our ability to create possibilities for our future.

Exploring the creative journey

Everything we do is a creative decision.

Creative relationships

A creative relationship is a creative team exploring for community on ideas about how things are, how things could be, and how things could work, – knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, creatively or not.

Creating with our nature

We increase our ability to appreciate our experience of life by accepting our experience. We improve our ability to create with our experience by appreciating our experience. We increase our ability to appreciate our experience of one another by accepting our differences. We improve our ability to create with one another by appreciating our differences.

Creative enterprise

Every enterprise begins with an interest and an idea we think could contribute to our interest. Every creative enterprise begins with the imagination of possibilities.

Creating connections

Creating connections is how we learn, how we create, and how we evolve as human beings.

Quantum media

Creating connections with media to explore how we create and create possibilities around opportunities which contribute to our common interests and focus our attention on enterprises that contribute most significantly to our probabilities of creating a future for our creative and cultural evolution and our world is our creative community enterprise

What I know

What I know is what I have learned from my experience, from my observations, from the contributions of others, and from what I have concluded about how things are and how things work. I have learned consciously from how I earned my living working for and with others to explore what is working and what could work better in an enterprise, and contribute my ideas to build on what is working and how we could do better and what different thing we could do, and what things we could do differently to increase our contribution to the enterprise.


I am confident in the ideas. I am confident we could create the community media system I imagine. I am not confident this could happen. I will continue to contribute ideas to the conversation from my point of view and opportunities I see for creative community enterprise for others to explore from their point of view.

What I am doing

I am imagining and creating with ideas and media, – information, stories, observations, ideas, and opportunities, – creating connections with our interests as individuals, as communities, and as a community with common interests in our future and the future of our world and to our common enterprise in creating a new world of possibilities.