A Beginning


What I am doing is exploring creative ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise to accelerate our ability to create connections and community around our common human interests in creating a new world for our future.

Steve Jobs said we can look back and see how the dots connected in the past, but we can’t see how the dots will connect in the future. What I say is we can connect the dots we can see.

I am connecting the dots I see from my point of view. Others can connect the dots they see from their point of view. Where we find ideas in common about how things are and how things could be, we can create connections with one another, we can explore our creative interests, our creative ideas, and our opportunities for creative community enterprise together, and we can accelerate our ability to connect the dots we see to create a better future for our community as a community.

This is a creative hypothesis. This is a hypothesis about how we can accelerate our ability to create connections. This is a quantum idea. This could become everyone’s idea, everyone’s interest, and everyone’s enterprise who is contributing to creating a future for our world.

I am creating the story I am imagining we can create. There are many ways to begin this story. There are many ways to begin this creative conversation but they all begin with why.

Why Create Community

The Creative Hypothesis
Making the Case
A Creative Installation

From Life to Theatre
Our Creative Story
Creating the Story
Why Create Community
Why Create Systems
Imagining the Possibilities
What I Imagine
The Story So Far
This Explains Everything
Creating Our Story
Telling Our Story
Breaking the Fourth Wall
Creative Conversation
Creating Our Community
Creative Community Media
Creative Community Centres
The Economic Argument
The Science of Probabilities
The Art of Possibilities
Creative Enterprise
Our Creative Enterprise

From Theatre to Life
From Ideas to Action
What We Can Do