What If

What if we did an economic analysis of government investment opportunities, initiatives, policies, and projects and bring all of our knowledge of the possibilities, probabilities, risks, investment and contribution to our economic, environmental, and social interests? There is, at the end of an economic analysis, a question. Is it in the economic interests of our community or is it not? Do we proceed or not. Unless there is an overlooked alternative. How much do we need to know before we make a decision?

The Peace River Dam
Exploring the Business Case
The Trans Mountain Pipeline

What if we created centres for knowledge in our theatre for a new world to connect and create connections for our creative community and contribute to increasing our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world and improve our ability to explore for ideas and opportunities for creative contribution and creative enterprise?

What if we created a centre for knowledge that everyone could access, explore, and have the opportunity to contribute and play a part in increasing our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world?

A Vision for Centres of Knowledge
The Future for Universities
The Future for Museums
The Future for Think Tanks
The Future for the Arts
The Future for our Cultures

What if we connected our contributions to our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world to our creative interests and our communities of common enterprise exploring for ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise?

What if we connected and created connections for our creative and cultural resources and our contributions to exploring our creative possibilities in centres for creative community enterprise focused on our creative interests?

What if we pulled together and published stories of individuals, enterprises, and community groups who are actively contributing to interests we have in common in creating healthier, more creative, and more sustainable communities and a more liveable world for our future?

What if leaders of community groups had opportunities to hold community circles with their communities around planning questions and contributed their points of view in an open forum for conversation?

West End Community Plan
Think Vancouver
Talk Vancouver

What if we created opportunities for people with abilities that work to explore for contributors to communities of common enterprise who could be interested in exploring, becoming involved in and contribute to ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise?

Abilities that Work

What if we extended that opportunity to our leaders of tomorrow?

Creating Opportunities for Youth